Flash Freeze

In and out like a flash... freeze!


Codename: Flash Freeze
Location and Status: Warren City, active
Identity: Secret
Power Level: 10
Risk Level: Moderate

Known abilities: Teleportation, control of ice.

Weaponry: Ice


Name: ???
Species: Human
Age: 24(?)
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140


Flash Freeze is a greenhorn heroine to the superheroine game, so she doesn’t have a flashy suit made for disguise. Her heroine get up is simply just a set of winter gear. What she uses to cover her face is a black half ski mask, a set of reflective blue goggles with thick straps, a rabbit fur ushanka which let’s her hair hang out behind her, and the fur of her jacket. For the rest of her body, she wears blue fingered gloves, a blue and black jacket with fur fringe around the neck, A pair of baggy blue snow pants, and blue snow boots with a snowflake print on the shoe.


Flash Freeze

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