Reluctant Avian Speedster


Codename: Swift
Location and Status: Warren City, active
Identity: Secret
Power Level: 10
Risk Level: Moderate

Known abilities: Running speed of about Mach 13. Proportionately accelerated reaction time

Weaponry: Swift’s costume incorporates a number of tactically-useful features. The material is bulletproof; the gloves have retractile blades; the boot-soles appear to enhance traction; the faceplate seems to have vision-enhancing qualities; and the belt is a fairly standard “utility belt”.


Swift has been a superhero for 15 years. While his powers have remained fairly constant over this time, he’s upgraded his equipment significantly. Of all supervillains, Peregrine (avian speedster) is the one most closely associated with Swift. The Tortoise (crippled mastermind), and Rebound (elastic-powered sneak thief) are also regarded as “Swift’s villains”. In addition, Swift has had his shade of run-ins with Doctor Futurity and the Zookeeper. Of course, Swift has also battled pretty much every supervillain in Warren City. Every once in a while, Swift displays avian characteristics—feathers, talons, and so on. It’s not clear why this happens, but the avian changes never last long.


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