Diminitive watcher from the seas


Codename: Tide
Location & Status: Earth, wet
Identity: Not secret, but not likely well known, either. Lemurian (undersea dweller) named Jvaar.
Power Level: 10

Known Abilities: Control of water, Sorcery

Weaponry: Agility, Water

(Utilizing his morphing amulet)
A 5’ tall indian boy, dark hair, darkish skin, with unusual dark blue eyes. Probably 12 or 13 years old. Cute and unassuming…until he shows his teeth, which are all sharp and triangular.

(Not utilizing the amulet)
A 5’ tall humanoid creature of the deep—he looks human enough to look like a teenager of some age, but it’s a bit hard to identify, both for his otherness, and his relative shortness. His skin is a dark blue-green color, with patches of scales scattered around. His hair is navy blue in color, and there are fins on the sides of his head, his back, arms, legs. His hands & feet are webbed.


A Lemurian ancient, known to intervene in world events only rarely. Ends up being a rumor more often than not in the surface world.

His outward appearance is not at all intimidating, and first impressions generally convey the sense of a small, tired teenager.

(As per GM information: )
Atlantis & Lemuria are two ancient undersea civilizations. Both were originally the same, but Lemuria rebelled against Atlantis roughly 3,000 years ago. Lemuria lost, but was still effectively independent after. Their locations are not well known to those not from either place.


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