Teenage Bluejay Telekinetic


Codename: Jay
Location and Status: Warren City, active
Identity: Private
Power Level: 10
Risk Level: High

Known abilities: Telekinesis, Soul Reading, Transformation of Self, Strength, Agility, Flight, Aura Explosion, Supersight, Supersenses, Forcefeilds,

Weaponry: Talons, Beak


Name: Jaeden James
Species Aves (Former Human)
Supername: Jay
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5’4” (Human) 5’8” (Birdform)
Weight: 120 (Human) 140 (birdform)

Jaedan’s human form appears as an average 16 year old boy with mousey brown hair and brown eyes. He’s small for his age, not well built, not fat nor lean. He isn’t fast and he doesn’t look like he would spark any high iq tests. Looking at his grades, you’d find he was an average student with just a few friends. He dresses simply and comfortably in jeans and a t-shirt, blue high top chuck taylor sneakers and sometimes a hoodie or a jacket for the cold. He does wear flat, rectangular glasses almost all the time. Those people who know him would say he’s a good kid, nice enough, but again he doesn’t stand out from anyone else who goes to the same high school.


Jaedan’s superhero form appears as an anthropomorphic bluejay, a little taller than he normally would be. There is little to indicate he was human by appearance or DNA. He seems to transform into a completely different being. He’s stronger, faster, and the true intelligence and capabilities that he hides in his human form come out. Jay as he calls himself in this form wears a “costume” more as a formality than as a need. The costume itself consists of just some old khakhi pants and tan vest with white birds on it. A gold set of bracelets rests on his feet, and a circlet of what might be gold rests on his head. He has no other visible armor or outfit to wear as a superhero for the moment. His actions and quirks are very much like those of a bluejay when he is distracted or just not thinking about them.



Jaedaen James was an average high school student, not popular, not great at school, but he got by. He didn’t have many friends, but those he had he got along well with. He wasn’t overly atheletic or brainy, but everyone who met him would comment that he always had a good heart. His home life was fine though recently his parents were fighting and probably about to get a divorce. Jaedan immersed himself in the life of superheroes wishing he could do things for others. He always wanted to be better than himself, and would draw or write stories about him being a super hero, climbing up on the roof of his house to escape the sound of his parent’s arguments.

One night while out on one such ventures, he saw something fall from the sky and into the forest nearby. Climbing carefully down he went out and found a ruined spacecraft in flames, and the occupant nearby. Seeing that the creature was not human but a strange sort of bird, he was afraid, but seeing the fire approaching the creature, he risked his own life to save the pilot and drag him away before the vessel exploded. He was injured in the effort, but he managed to get the pilot to a spot. The pilot woke, and seeing what the boy had done, he admired his tenacity and desire to help another even at peril to himself.

The being spoke, calling himself Cyranos, he said he had wandered the stars for many millennia, bringing peace and justice to worlds large and small. Alas, his power had waned in the last years of his life, and he had been in search of a worthy successor who he could pass what remained of his power to. Alas, he had fallen under attack and his ship had crashed through hyperspace into the earth. He had little time to live, but he spoke to Jaedaen and sensed his life and his dream. He saw in the boy the glimmer of that potential, and gave to him his power before passing. The boy, not sure what had happened, went home.

That evening, as he climbed back into the window, his parents argument reached a fever pitch. In the midst of the fighting the boy went downstairs to try to get between his parents. In the midst of trying to appeal to both of them, the power he’d been given activated and he transformed. The latent power was so overwhelming to him that it accidentally killed both his parents. Though Jaedan did not know it till he woke, transformed into a combination of bird and man. Frightened and afraid, he transformed back sought out the police to turn himself in.

While in custody, Jaedaen was interviewed by a particular police officer. He listened to the story with sympathy but did not believe the boy, as Jaedan could not muster the power to transform again at that time. He was placed into a foster a foster home until the investigation was done or he could find a home. His new self however, was put under investigation. No one knew that Jay and Jaedan were the same person. Within a few weeks Jaedaen would still attend school, though the burden of his new power, the awkwardness of his new self will not make life as a teenager any easier.

Life as a new metahuman was indeed another burden on the back of the teenager. His transformations sometimes came at inopportune times at school or home, and he did his best to hide them for fear of what he had done. Worse still the foster home he was placed into was often abusive to him. It was all the young man could do to stay and not go out on the street and do something desperate.

Things came to ahead one day when he transformed right out of his clothes at school and had to fly away only to encounter a supervillain known as the Zookeeper. The Zookeeper managed to take control of Jayden’s mind and make him rob a store and hurt a clerk. When he broke free of the madman’s power, he was temporarily transformed to a bird, but when reverted, the boy promised himself he would never let that happen again.

He turned himself into the police once more, and in the interview, it was revealed that the police officer who had interviewed him had suspected he and his new persona were the same being. After telling his story and explaining to the officer he never wanted to lose control again, the officer offered to look into finding the kid a mentor.

After going home and spending time with a fellow housemate, Lisa, he discovered she knew his secret. When they spent time together, Lisa told him how cool his powers were and helped him see that he could do something more with his life. Jaedaen decided then to become a superhero, and Lisa chose to be his operator. Taking the moniker of “Jay” he set out to begin a potential career as a force for good.


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