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This is the wiki for the Warren City superhero campaign. In this campaign, King Arthur is alive and well and working to establish a new Round Table of modern knights; a deranged human supremacist uses transformed victims as cat’s-paws to commit crimes; a sorcerer from ancient Lemuria walks among us in the guise of a teenager…

Basically, pretty standard fare for a superhero universe.

The state of the world

Who’s who

Pendragon npc-icon.gif
Swift pc-icon.gif
Quasimodo npc-icon.gif
Dr. Futurity
Supporting cast
Det. Jace Raynerson

What’s where

In and around Warren City

Wilson Kellogg Community College
Warren Æronautics
Warren Mall
Warren Heights


As and when ‘foreign’ landmarks are defined, they’ll be written up here.

Some historical notes

This section is for noteworthy events in the campaign, including events which happened before the player-characters became player-characters.

Notes for players

Warren City welcomes new players. Some things to be aware of if you’re interested in joining the campaign:

  • Physical transformations. Such things have always been part of the superhero genre, but Warren City emphasizes bodily changes more than the average superhero campaign.
  • This campaign runs under the Mutants & Masterminds second-edition rule-set, using only the core rulebook. This means nothing from any of the supplements—not Ultimate Power, not the Mastermind’s Manual, none of the Worlds of Freedom books, etc.
  • The GM may, at their sole discretion, choose to allow specific powers/skills/feats/etc from any supplement. But don’t expect it, and don’t complain if you try and the answer is “no”.

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